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At Home in His Worlds
Conductor Stuart Malina leads the Lake Champlain Sinfonietta in several performances this summer, including ones in North Creek, Lake Placid and Saranac Lake.

Health & Wellness
Summer 2019 special focuses on different ways to be healthy through this season, from how to take care of your joint cushions to how to keep your heart healthy

And Then God Said: “Retweet”
Starting July 19, Depot Theatre presents An Act of God, a 90-minute comedy where God takes human form and decides to answer some of humanity’s burning inquiries about his existence.

Rich in History
Richard Frost takes a fi eld trip with the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum for a close-up look at the Champlain II, as well as other shipwrecks lying at the bottom of Lake Champlain.

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At Home in His Worlds, Health & Wellness, And Then God Said: "Retweet", Rich in History and more...

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